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Monday, September 19, 2005

And on that note

First proper entry for a month.

A lot has been going on with Mrs Rangor and I. Rangote seems to be growing at a right old rate on knots, Mrs Rangor is finding that her bump is limiting her movement somewhat now. I have to bend down for her on occasion to pick things up that she has dropped or to tie her shoelaces (only joking, but I know that's going to come soon enough). We have also sold the family homestead. This means that we are now of no fixed abode. Ha ha, 'Rangor, Warlord of time NFA'.

We have been terribly lucky as friends of ours have cleared out their spare room and allowed us to stay with them. They've even allowed us to bring my time cat and companion and we are extremely grateful to them for everything they have done.

We are still trying to buy a new house, but it seems everyone we try to buy falls through for one reason or another. Still, I suppose we must end up with one one day.

The Weaver and Leesa are also trying to buy and sell, I hope they have more luck than we have so far had.

Don't forget to write...

Bored now

It seems that Stuart has become bored. I think this is mainly due his readers becoming apathetic and not commenting or indeed updating their own blogs (myself included). Come on you lot, if you're still out there post a comment or two, or even post to your own blog! I know I've been a bit tardy too, but that doesn't mean we all have to give up.

Come on then, you all know who you are...