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The past, present and future according to Rangor.

Everything that has, is, or is going to happen (although not necessarily in that order).

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

N33d l337 2 3nglizh?

Mrz R4ng0r 4nd I h4v3 b33n b4ck in g00d 0ld bligh7y n0w ph0r n34rly 7w0 w33kz. 7hingz z74r73d m0ving 0n wi7h 0ur h0uz3 purch4z3/z4l3 bu7 n0w i7 z33mz w3 4r3 b4ck 2 z74g3 0n3. d4 h0uz3 w3 w3r3 l00king 2 buy w4z riddl3d wi7h w00dw0rm z0 w3'v3 g0n3 ph0r 4 diphph3r3n7 0n3 4nd d4 z4l3 0n my pl4c3 z33mz 2 b3 4 ph4rc3. Will b3 b4ck 0n d4 m4rk37 47 d4 w33k3nd. 7hingz 4r3 n3v3r z7r4igh7 ph0rw4rd.


At Thursday, June 16, 2005 11:51:00 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

cripes rangor. that's made my eyes dizzy and my brain ache.


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