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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Whale watching

Mrs Rangor and I went to a lecture on cetaceans this morning while on the boat. Now we are sitting at the bow looking for any one of the many species that populate what what we are told is the only area with over 27 of the 80 or so species of the world. At this time I have only seen a faint glimse of a sun fish, however, I remain optomistic. Hoping for some common or bottlenose dolphins to bow ride for ours and their pleasure. We have been told that we can expect to see them once we have passed over the continental shelf where the seabed drops from a modest 100 metres to just over 4000 metres in a relatively short distance. Is now 16.20 ship time, 17.20 Spanish time. Factors that are against us spotting many of these so called 'sea monsters' (cetacean, means literally that) is that there is a lot of white water that masks the breath from their blowholes. Apparently the North bound journey is usually more successful viewing.


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