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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Time is slipping by...

Would you Adam and Eve it. Another three weeks have slipped by without so much as a single post. Sorry about that. Mrs Rangor and I have been terribly busy finising all that DIYing and generally keeping the house spotless for potential buyers to admire. Well it finally paid off, we've managed to sell the house to a young lad (or rather his parents) so that he can live there during his university days. A far cry from what my parents gave me while I was at uni.

Just got to get the solicitors to chat to one another now, pay a huge amount of cash to them and the estate agent and then the small matter of actually paying for the new house, and we should be in there.

First however we are heading off to Spain in VAN for a couple of weeks. We are getting the boat from Portsmouth to Bilbao and then heading for Barcelona and maybe go south of there to see if we can catch up with Karen and Trevor. Then Madrid and head back, that's the plan anyway.

A very exciting time to be had indeed.


At Wednesday, May 04, 2005 9:30:00 am, Blogger Jimble said...

Yes, the Sain trip sounds VERY exciting!


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