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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Sarurday and Sunday

29th May
Another long drive
Today we got up, had breakfast and left the best campsite I have ever
been to. Nevermind, we must get on. The plan is to drive all the way
to San Sebastian via Segovia to see the Roman aquaduct. There is a
slight problem though, as soon as we drive away from the site it
starts to rain, this isn't like the massive and impressive and warm
mediterranean storm we had in Sitges. This is like the cold crappy
rain in England. We realise that this is rain coming down from the
north, and that it will probably stick with us for the whole day. We
are however optomistic. it transpires that the glass was half empty
and not half full, the rain does indeed fall for the whole day, not to
worry, hopefully by the time we get to San Sebastian this evening it
will be stuck behind the mountains. Not the case. Sitting in Van now
and the rain is pooring down. Hope tomorrow is better weather, Mrs
Rangor has gone to bed and is demanding that the rain will stop
otherwise there will be trouble. What trouble I ask?
We did manage to get a look at the aquaduct at Segovia today. Legend
has it that a young girl was so fed up with carrying water from the
well across the valley that she promised her soul to Satan if he could
solve her problem. Satan, being keen on this idea started to build the
aquaduct. The girl then being ridden with guilt, prayed to God and
told him of her foolish pact. God then had a quiet word with Satan got
him to stop building said aquaduct just one stone away from
completion. Thus saving the girl's soul. God then felt a bit sorry for
her and decided to leave it there anyway. What a lucky lass she was!
Reminds me slightly of the Devil's dyke story, but that's for another
Is 22.38 now, have a couple of beers and more of my book to enjoy but
will say night night.

28th May
The Toledo experience
We got up early and headed into Toledo. Only about 2km from the
campsite so not too strenuous a walk although the temperature was
already very hot. Spent most of the day there, lots of alleys to walk
through and lots of museums, mosques and a cathedral to visit. Went
for a pizza for lunch, not terribly Spanish I know, but the vegetarian
thing is proving quite tricky at times especially as I had attempted a
nice Spanish salad with asparagus. When telling them 'no pescado' they
obviously just nipped out back and rinsed the tuna off the olives.
Decided not to bother eating it and it was then we headed off for
pizza. One thing to learn about Toledo is that all the maps dotted
around the city have south at the top, not north. This led to some
confusion as I tried to lead us south west to finally leave the city
only to discover that we had in fact gone north east. This got Mrs
Rangor a bit stressed as she was tired and hot. I managed to placate
her with a nice cold fanta limon and an icecream. From there we headed
back to the campsite and I read my book and drank too many beers. Is
now Sunday morning and I have an iddy biddy hangover. Oh well, that's
good news for Mrs Rangor as it means she gets to drive today. Just one
other thing. The campsite on which we are staying has a great number
of trees yielding little blackberry looking berrys. These are of
particular interest to the many finches that are constantly sitting in
the trees noshing away. The upshot of this is that many berrys fall to
the floor and get trampled underfoot as we walk. Combined with the
grit and gravel on the ground, these berrys make an excellent mortar
that bonds to our shoes, really is a tenacious substance that requires
chiseling off after every walk. I have no idea what these berrys are,
but we have decided to call them stickleberrys.


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