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Monday, May 23, 2005

Rangor does Bilbao

22nd May
Arrived in Bilbao at 7am, the tannoy system in the room kindly belowed this fact out to us at 5.45. Got up and went for breakfast, very nice, if a little expensive. We were told to wait in our vehicles to get ready to disembark. Then came the driving on the right malarky. Seemed ok, navigated a few roundabouts, junctions and 300 miles to Barcelona, so am quite pleased about that, Mrs Rangor helped with the driving and navigation after a slight hiccup in GPS technology. Actually camping in a small town just outside called Sitges, the gay capital of Spain apparently, very nice, had pizza and a stroll on the beach. Met Van's left handed brother, more on that another time. Currently laying in bed with a fantastic thunderstorm directly ahead of us. Rather trippy light show, or maybe it's because I've just slipped over on one of those classic mediterranean style tiled floors and smacked my head on the floor whilst running in the rain to the loo. Something is certainly playing with my visio..


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