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Monday, May 30, 2005

Our last full day

30th May

We head home tomorrow so today is really the last one in Spain. We
drove from San Sebastian this morning and did a bit of a wiggle to
Mundaka using lots of little roads, stopped for lunch on a very quiet
beach, just us and one other family. Finally got booked into the
campsite and realised that family were A) English and B) next to us on
the camp site. Seem a lovely bunch, they're just starting off on there
holiday as we finish ours. Mundaka is a very hip surfing town but at
the moment is a little out of season which is just as well as I
imagine you would need to book this campsite later in the year
otherwise you'd stand no chance of getting a pitch. It stopped raining
when we got up this morning and has brittened up for the day. Much
better than yesterday. So anyway, what have I learned during my trip?
1) campsites are far better than those in England. 2) so is public
transport. 3) the Spanish don't like paying for their roads to be
maintained through taxes and so the really good ones are all toll
roads. 4) the other roads are still better than ours. 5) rivers in the
south of Spain do not actually have any water in them, they are just
dry riverbeds. 6) the ones in the north have all had a dam at one end.
7) the Spanish are very tolerant of foreigners. 8) except in the
Basque region were we currently are. 9) the lifts are not as robust as
those in England. 10) Van has a left handed brother although the video
evidence of this died when my phone did. 11) fresh milk is a terribly
difficult to come by even though Spain has an enormous amount of dairy
cows. 12) fruit and veg looks rubbish but tastes better. 13) policemen
carry guns. 14) there are no gun control laws, but there is no gun
crime either. 15) towns and villages are a challenge to drive Van
round, but fun never the less. 16) Spain has spent an enormous amount
of money on completely pointless traffic lights and road signs.
So there we are, Mrs Rangor and myself will be home in a couple of
days having seen some of those elusive cetaceans. Cheerio.


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