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Wednesday, May 25, 2005


24th May
I'll start with the worst part of the day because then I can tell you
how much better it got. While plotting our map on my 'computer phone
with GPS technology' the whole thing died and immediately performed a
full hard reset leaving us with absolutely nothing, no GPS, no
applications I probably don't really need anyway, like the guitar
tuner software, but also with no contacts to phone Don and Hilary, and
Karen and Trevor in Spain. After much tinkering, I managed to get the
contacts back but nothing else. The upshot of this was that we have
had to rely on a good old fashioned paper map. This has meant that
rather than the 'one hundred yards, turn left' routine, we have
actually taken time to find lovely roads on the map to take, rather
than the autopista toll roads. What a lovely drive from Barcelona to
Valencia we've had. Taking Van up to 1000 metres to see the terraced
olive groves and some wonderful views, splendid. Sod GPS, we can live
without it! We stopped about 800 metres up for a picnic and drove
through many lovely villages. I'm sure the sound of an air cooled VW
engine roused them all from their siesta!

We have now set up camp on a rather average site in el Saler, just
outside Valencia. Looking forward to tomorrow when we see Don and
Hilary for the first time in years. Mrs Rangor has never met them, but
is well aware of the kindness and honesty shown to my family by Don
over many a difficult year. For me it will be a chance to catch up on
many things that have happened since last time. Marvelous.


At Friday, May 27, 2005 3:20:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Rangor, Destroyer Of Phones"


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