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Monday, May 23, 2005

The Barcelona experience

23rd May

After last night's storm, and that massive whack to me noggin, I slept very well indeed. May also have been the 'tres cerveza por favor'. Mrs Rangor was up a little earlier than I and went to get some breakfast for the both of us. I was left with the task of tidying Van while she was gone. After breakfast we headed to the station to get a train to Barcelona. As I’m sure is true of any european country, the trains are far cleaner, faster and nicer than they are in England. Ooh, and a lot cheaper too.

Barcelona is lovely, enjoyed the walk down la Rambla and much of the architecture is stunning, including or course Gaudi's La Sagrada Família. Stunning, but I have to say, quite ugly I'm afraid! Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate it, but just don’t like it much to look at. Very interesting audio tour though, looked very obviously tourist like with my shorts and headphones on. Chose the long walk to the top of one of the towers, across a bridge between that and another, and down again. Mrs Rangor looked quite pale as we got higher and higher. Must say I put on a brave face and there were times when I worried about tumbling to my death, gladly it didn’t come to pass.

Navigated the metro very well until I dived into a lift with other people in it and forced the doors open with my arms... It stopped working after that, and everyone had to get out and use the stairs, don’t think that made me terribly popular, not even with Mrs Rangor.

Think we'll be walking into Sitges centre this evening for some dinner and a beer or two, have to see how my feet are, been on them all day. Tomorrow see the start of another journey in Van, heading towards Valencia but we're in no hurry, so may stop somewhere for a night on the way...


At Monday, May 23, 2005 9:17:00 pm, Blogger lottie said...

ola x

At Tuesday, May 24, 2005 1:35:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Rangor, Destroyer Of Lifts" - laughed a lot at that.

Remember to have uno hinebra con tonica, huelo y limon..


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