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Friday, May 27, 2005

3 in 1

27th May
A long old drive
Today I woke up early again with the sun streaming through the
slightly open blinds, got up and realised two things, one, it was damn
hot and two, I had a bit of a headache from last night. Headache
passed quite quickly although Mrs Rangor insisted that she drove Van
this morning. Today was a long drive up and over the top of some
pretty high mountains on the way to Olula del Rio. Van did admirably
although we plodded rather than sped. Decided after that that we were
going to make it to Toledo today. A few hundred kilometers, but we
figured we could do it. The mountains rather set us back and we were
getting worried that we may not make it in time to get booked into the
campsite. Thought about stopping somewhere on the way but realise
that within central Spain there are only a handfull of sites and the
nearest didn't seem to exist anymore. We plodded on and got here at
21.55 and booked in just before the ten pm deadline. Currently sitting
under the stars looking up at the many many bats circling above.
Am sipping a san miguel.

26th May
Karen and Trevor
Woke up fairly early this morning and opened the doors onto the patio
by the swimming pool, lovely. Sat around over breakfast discussing the
plan for the day. Drank some of Don's orange juice squished from
oranges just below where they live. The province of Valencia certainly
does good oranges. We said our goodbyes and headed off towards Uleila
del campo to see Karen and Trev. On the way down there I realised that
due to my crappy phone I no longer had Karen's new mobile number. Not
a problem, a quick ring to Tom or Deb would sort that out. Yeah right!
Neither of them answered their phones leaving us in a bit of a panic
as we had bo idea where they actually live. Fortunately Mandy came to
our rescue and was able to give me the details. Got to the village and
asked for Trevor in all the pubs. Oddly enough, they all knew him far
too well! No sign of him though so we headed to see Karen at their
lovely new built house and looked over the grounds. Almost 200 almond
trees and two olive trees, goes up one side of a mountain and down the
other. Trevor once walked up to the top in the hope their was a pub on
the other side but alas not!
Had a lovely afternoon sitting in the sun with a cold beer and
catching up on what's been happening. Trev came home from work about
7pm and we ate and headed into the village for a few drinks, then back
to watch shooting stars in one of the brightest clearest skies I've
ever seen. Couldn't be better. Trev and Mrs Rangor both went to bed
(separately of course) and Karen and I sat up chatting till the small
hours. All in all, an absolutely lovely day, will be sad to head off

Don and Hilary
25th May
Today Mrs Rangor and I awoke early to get away from the campsite. We
really didn't like it much and did not seem to be as good as the guide
book suggested. Drove down to the beach for breakfast and saw the
campsite we were meant to stop at, d'oh!
Left Valencia fairly early and headed down to Pego where Don and
Hilary live. Got there using Don's excellent instructions in about one
and a half hours. Met Don in a carpark for him to escort us back to
their villa. We had to leave Van outside their friends house as it
would have been quite a struggle to navigate round the tight bends and
terribly steep inclines.
Got to theirs and introduced Mrs Rangor to Hilary. Must say it was
lovely to see them looking so well. We sat around the pool and chatted
over lunch before jumping in for a swim and then a bit of a siesta.
This evening all four of us went out for a meal and then back 'home'
for the last half of the football. What a result that was. Currently
lying in a big comfy bed about to drop off to sleep. Off to see Karen
and Trevor tomorrow. Night night.


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