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Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Oh dear, would you look at that. Has been well over a month since my last blog entry. I know, I know, it's very slack of me. No excuses, I'm sorry.

What's been happening I hear you ask. Well, Mrs Rangor and I are trying to sell my house and buy a bigger better house in a smaller quieter road, seems to be going ok so far, but plenty to get snagged in the works between now and actually moving.

As a direct consequence of needing to sell up, I have been manically DIYing to get the house upto scratch, must say, the new kitchen, bathroom and lounge look really is quiet pleasing. Will be sorry to move if I'm honest.

One other thing that bothers me slightly about moving is that it will no longer be in the BN2 postal region. Might not sound much for you, but for me it will be only the second time I have lived away from there. The first was a failed university stint in SE27. Still, maybe I should see BN3 as a promotion?