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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Almost a month

It's been an awfully long time since my last post and an awful lot has happened. Mrs Rangor and I had a holiday to Cornwall a few weeks ago, and what a lovely time we had. More on that later...

Then of course christmas came along and then alas, the world suffered a terrible catastrophe (donate here).

After that came new year, and what a fun time we had too, had a bit of a bash at our place and got terribly drunk, some photos of the event are posted here thanks to Gareth for those. If anyone else has any, let me know where they are and I'll link to those too.

So, back to the holiday, I've decided, I really love Cornwall, maybe it's 'cos I haven't been there often enough to get fed up with it, or maybe it is because it really is a nice place. We had a few days out, went onto Bodmin Moor and had a lovely walk, saw the remains of Daniel Gumb's house but didn't see the beast.

We also went to the Lost Gardens of Heligan which was very nice, but alas we only had a couple of hours there as we had to meet some of Mrs Rangor's friends in St Austell where I got the job of putting out the family dog as it was being sick in the kitchen, and picking up the remains of a rather large mouse that the cat had brought in. All this while Becky was trying to feed the baby and Toby was trying to work from home. By the way, Becky and Toby are lovely people and hopefully we'll get to catch up again sometime soon.

So there we have it, hopefully now I'm back at work (after 3 weeks off), I'll be able to post more during my lunch breaks. We shall see.


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