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Saturday, August 07, 2004

My my...

Look at some of the things I've seen happen on my birthday over the years while I've been flitting through time:

768 Stephen III begins his reign as Catholic Pope
1498 Columbus arrives in Caribbean
1620 Kepler's mother arrested for witchcraft
1782 George Washington creates Order of the Purple Heart
1789 US War Department established
1819 Battle of Boyac ; Bol¡var defeats Spanish in Colombia
1820 1st potatoes planted in Hawaii
1882 Hatfields of south WV & McCoys of east Ky feud, 100 wounded or die
1888 Theophilus Van Kannel of Phila patents revolving door
1893 53rd Congress (1893-95) convenes
1912 Progressive (Bull Moose) Party nominates Theodore Roosevelt for pres
1927 Peace Bridge between US & Canada dedicated
1929 Ruth ties record by hitting grand slams in consecutive games
1934 US Court of Appeals upheld lower court ruling striking down govt's attempt to ban controversial James Joyce novel "Ulysses"
1938 2 die in a NYC subway accident
1940 Largest amount paid for a stamp ($45,000 for 1 1856 British Guiana)
1941 551 Jews are shot in Kishnev ghetto in Romania
1942 1st American offensive in Pacific in WW2, Guadalcanal, Solomon Is
1946 1st coin bearing portrait of Negro authorized
1947 Balsa raft Kon Tiki crashes into a Polynesian archipelago reef
1951 Douglas D-558-II Skyrocket reaches 1,992 kph
1953 Eastern Airlines enters the jet age, uses Electra prop-jet
1954 Charles Mahoney becomes 1st US black to serve as a full UN delegate
1959 Explorer 6 transmits 1st TV photo of Earth from space
1960 Ivory Coast (C“te d'Ivoire) gains independence from France
1960 Students stage kneel-in demonstrations in Atlanta churches
1961 Cosmonaut Gherman Titov circles Earth for a full day in Vostok 2
1963 Jac Kennedy becomes 1st, 1st lady to give birth since Mrs Cleveland
1964 US Congress approves Gulf of Tonkin resolution
1966 Race riot in Lansing Michigan
1970 1st computer chess tournament
1970 4, including presiding judge, killed in courthouse shootout in San Rafael, Calif (Police charge Angela Davis provided weapons)
1971 Apollo 15 returns to Earth
1972 Hall of Fame inducts Berra, Sandy Koufax, Lefty Gomez & Early Wynn
1974 Philippe Petit walks tightrope strung between the twin towers of the World Trade Center
1976 US Viking 2 goes into Martian orbit after 11-month flight from Earth
1976 Scientists in Pasadena, Calif, announce Viking I found strongest indications to date of possible life on Mars
1978 Thousands of mourners file past the body of Pope Paul VI
1983 1st World Track & Field Championships
1983 Bobby Murcer day at Yankee Stadium
1983 Grete Waitz of Norway, wins 1st all-women Marathon (Helsinki Fin)
1983 Some 675,000 employees strike AT&T
1984 Japan beats US for olympic gold medal in baseball
1984 Jim Deshales becomes 1,000th playing Yankee
1985 Barbra Streisand records "The Broadway Album"
1985 Baseball players end a 2 day strike
1986 Daniel Buettner, Bret Anderson, Martin Engel & Anne Knabe begin cycling journey of 15,266 miles from Prudhoe Bay Alaska to Argentina
1987 5 Central American presidents sign peace accord in Guatemala
1987 Lynne Cox swims 4.3 km from US to USSR in 39ø F (4ø C) Bering Sea
1988 Writers guild end their 6 months strike
1990 Desert Shield begin-US deploys troops to Saudi Arabia
1990 Saudi Arabia allows US troops on their soil to stop an Iraqi invasion
1990 NY Yankee Kevin Mass sets record with 12th HR in 1st 92 at bats & becomes 21st to hit a ball into 3rd deck of Seattle's Kingdome
1991 Court rules Manuel Noriega, may access some secret US documents
1991 Manhattan Cable final day of amnesty to return illegal cable boxes
1991 US sets 400m relay record at 37.67 seconds


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